How Businesses adapt to Remote Workforce since Pandemic

The current pandemic has upended how businesses operate in many parts of the world today. Given the high risk of transmission of prolonged and close contact encounters, companies have allowed many, if not all, of their employees to transition to remote work. Tech giant Facebook, for instance, has allowed all of its US-based employees to work home-based until July 2021 due to the current surge of the virus in that country. 

Pending any medically approved vaccine, the current pandemic poses a significant risk to businesses worldwide, and only by adapting can any company hope to survive. Fortunately, a robust infrastructure is in place in a lot of countries that allow access to high-speed internet connectivity. Such infrastructure provides a unique opportunity for companies to engage with their employees and to tap a vast array of talented employees in any part of the globe. Now more than ever, companies are starting to realize the value of remote work in their operations.

Here are two of the major benefits of incorporating remote work:

Allows Companies to hire the best talent anywhere and anytime.

By leveraging the current infrastructures, companies would no longer need to limit themselves to a specific geography or location when looking for the best talent. A US-based firm need not hire a US-based employee, especially if there is a more competent and more experienced employee in another part of the world. 

Reduces operating costs.

Almost all of the economies of the world have recorded negative economic growth for the past two quarters due to the slowdown in business activity brought about by the current pandemic. This has made reducing costs a necessity for companies to survive. Remote work allows companies to reduce costs by lowering expenses related to office rentals, electricity, and more. 

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